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Course Descriptions 

English 9 (Accelerated) emphasizes improvement and strengthening of writing and analytical skills. Composition work includes practice in essays of cause and effect, problem and solution, comparison and contrast, argumentation and persuasion and literary analysis. Instruction in grammar usage and mechanics relates directly to the students’ writing and helps to prepare them for standardized tests. Students read and analyze fiction, non-fiction and drama, including a Shakespearean play. Required reading and a sequential text provide the basis for the study of vocabulary.

 English 9 (Honors) emphasizes a development and refinement of writing and analytical skills. Distinctions between this course and others in English will include intensified work and the rigorous standards applied to writing. Composition work includes practice in literary analysis, cause/effect, problem/solution, comparison/contrast, and argumentation/persuasion. Instruction in grammar usage and mechanics is intended to not only relate directly to writing, but also to improve editing skills so that students can both identify and eliminate errors themselves.  

English 11 (Accelerated) prerequisite for this course is successful completion of English 10 Accelerated or English 10 with a minimum grade of 85 or a teacher recommendation. English 11 A offers an in-depth study of American Literature—focusing on diverse works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama. Students will be responsible for HSPA prep, SAT prep, vocabulary study, as well as literary analysis, expository, and persuasive essays. Students will also write a full-length research paper and complete various outside projects and oral presentations. Additionally, students will independently read and analyze numerous classic American novels and plays, as well as Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Based on student writing abilities, instruction in grammar, usage, and mechanics will be given as the need arises.