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Course Overview 


US History I, US History IA, US History IH, US History IIH


United States History I

During our time together this year we will be exploring the emergence of the United States as an independent country. We will examine how the country evolved from a colonial holding of Great Britain in the 18th century to its expansion into a world power by the early part of the 20th century. Throughout this span of time we will analyze the United States from multiple perspectives and look closely at both the positive and negative events that have come to characterize this era of American history. It will be an exciting journey that will take us from the creation of the United States Constitution to the near destruction of the young country through civil war to the rise of the United States as an industrial giant. Below you will find a detailed list of the individual units that we will be studying this year. Click on the unit name to find more details about what will be covered. My hope is that all of you will enjoy this journey through our nation's history as much as I will. Here's to a great year together!

Units of Study

  1. The Creation of the Constitution, 1781-1789
  2. 19th Century Reform Movements, 1815-1860
  3. Prelude to the Civil War, 1848-1861
  4. The Civil War, 1861-1865
  5. Reconstruction, 1863-1877
  6. The Expansion of American Industry, 1865-1900
  7. The Era of Progressive Reform, 1890-1920
  8. The World War I Era, 1914-1920

United States History II

In the second year of our study of United States history we will examine and analyze the foreign and domestic role of the United States from social, economic, and political perspectives. Our study begins with a domestic analyzation of the decade of the 1920s and will continue through the Great Depression and Roosevelt's response with his New Deal. From there, we will take a look at the United States role in the global community with its involvement in World War II, the Cold War, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. We will return to a domestic look at the United States during the turbulent times of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, the Nixon and Carter years of the 1970s, and finish with the establishment of the conservative movement evident in Reagan's administration. It will be an exciting journey that we will look at from multiple perspectives with the overall goal of establishing the place of the United States in the larger spectrum of a global community.

Units of Study

  1. The Roaring Twenties
  2. The Great Depression
  3. The New Deal
  4. World War II and the Holocaust
  5. The Cold War
  6. The Civil Rights Movement
  7. Domestic and Foreign Issues of the 1970s
  8. Domestic and Foreign issues of the 1980s


It is important that you have the following materials with you every day! If you don't have these materials you will be considered unprepared for the day and will lose your class participation points for that day.

  1. 3 subject spiral notebook
  2. Pocket folder
  3. Covered textbook
  4. Pen or pencil (blue or black ink only!)


Tests & Projects - 50%
Quizzes - 40%
Homework/Classwork - 10%

*Class participation will be a test grade. You all will start the marking period off with a 100%. If you are unprepared or do not participate fully in class you will lose 4 points for that day. Whatever your grade is at the end of the marking period will be the test grade entered.*