Mr.  Stephen  Bergholz
Art/Ceramics--Pitman High School
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Subjects Taught
Art I, Art II, Art III/IV, Art Lab, Ceramics


I've just graduated from Rowan with a degree in Art and Education. 


My name is Stephen Bergholz, and I'm enthralled by art (which is why I teach it at Pitman). When it comes to art, I'm a jack of all trades. I enjoy nearly all forms of art. I still produce my own work, and I'm quite a perfectionist about it. I believe that individuals have natural ability; however, I find the motto "practice makes perfect" is the way to develop one's skills. 

With that said, I've fostered a lot of hobbies with my spare time. I enjoy cooking. I juggle and walk on stilts. I know how to make balloon animals. I draw very often--nearly daily. I paint. Occasionally, I'll make a sculpture (my limited space prevents me from perusing this hobby more often). I'm beginning to dabble in magic and sleight of hand; though, I'm not very good at it.