Principal's Corner

The Year of the Panther!

Keep Calm and Educate On!
Keep Calm and Educate On!

As the new year begins and your children embark upon their new high school adventures, teachers, counselors and staff are often asked what does it take for a student to not only reach graduation but to be successful?  We, at Pitman High School, agree that success comes with a solid base of knowledge and experiences which can be obtained throughout four years of being a Panther.  Engagement comes in the form of interaction in the classroom, being involved with extra curricular activities, participating in community opportunities and most importantly staying focused on the important aspects of education and socialization that support forward progress in life and understanding in the classroom. 

So where does one begin?  Start with day one of every year and make it better than the year before.  Communicating openly with teachers is the first step.  This allows for one-on-one interaction that cannot be matched.  It gives staff an opportunity to know a student more completely and the student an opportunity to feel connected without 15 other individuals present.  Next, all students must become involved in extra curricular activities in order to meet new people, learn about Pitman and create a resume that any college in the country would proudly accept.  The activities fair in September is a great place to start and if that's not a possibility, then students can attend meetings to be part of an organization.  And one cannot forget the importance of civic involved in the community.  Pitman is a wonderful town, and students should always be willing to dive into the idea of giving back.  They can do this by reaching out to the local organizations that are service-based or even check in with the local town hall for information.  

Moving forward year after year will afford for every Pitman High School student to experience successes...MANY successes. Celebrate each one with acknowledgement and recognizing what they can do to continue building toward more personal goals.  Graduation may be only one year away or it may be four, but no matter how long their journey as a Panther, it guarantees to be an amazing ride along with way.

Have a great year and ENJOY!

Dr. Cherie Hill Lombardo