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Drama Club Fundraiser Coming Up!

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Do you sing, play an instrument, have a band, dance, rap, do spoken word, spin a flag or have another awesome talent?  The Drama Club is hosting a Talent Competition on February 11.  First prize is $100, second is $75 and third takes home $50.  Sign-ups and more information are available outside Mrs. Messer's room.  Deadline to sign up is February 1.



For all students interested in auditioning for a lead role or speaking role in Shrek, please use the below links to help guide you for your audition. 

This will send you to a YouTube link to show you a monologue and singing audition sample.

https://youtu.be/u45OUWAw8co (Monologue audition example)

https://youtu.be/Fqa5nRciTew (Singing audition example)

For all students interested in an ensemble role in Shrek, please prepare a one-minute monologue as shown in the above example. For the singing audition, you may prepare a song as shown in the singing example or it is acceptable to sing Happy Birthday.

Important information:  Please open the forms link above to download documents about theatre terms, etiquette and stage space. The audition form is also there so please print it and bring it to rehearsal.