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Academic Web Resources
The College Board

SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) Information

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

For additional information, call: 800-433-3243/800-927-4302

Scholarship Seach

"Paying for school just got easier"

The Common Application

Accepted by hundreds of colleges/universities

Selective Service System

HESAA (Higher Education Student Assistance Authority)

Get free information at 800-792-8670

U.S. Department of Education

Or call: 800-433-3243.  You should never have to pay for help!

Robin's Nest

Crisis Intervention, Individual/Group Counseling, Medical Care, Safe Housing, and more!

Center for Family Services

Domestic Violence, Women's Referral Contact, Shelter, Outpatient Counseling and Substance Abuse Sliding Scale.

NJ Family Care (Health Coverage)

1-800-701-0710.  Affordable health coverage for kids and parents.


1-888-432-9867 (Pittsgrove, NJ).  Residential Rehabilitation & Outpatient Counseling (ages 13-18).

FREE Federal Student Aid Publications

Students and parents may order free federal student aid publications.

Beating the Admissions Odds

Gloucester County Dept. of Human Services

Division of Addictions - Provides referrals to county resources.  Contact phone number 856-384-6885

Center for Family Services, Inc.

Outpatient and substance abuse counseling - 1-877-922-2377, 856-728-0404, 856-881-7252

Addiction Hotline of New Jersey

Referrals for self-help support groups, outpatient counseling and detoxification for adolescents and adults.

Mapping Your Future

Occupational Outlook

Student Scholarships

Scholarship database

College Fairs Online

Strategies to Strengthen College Applications